Learning number with table in second grade MIN 2 Palembang


Moch. Lutfianto

(International Master Program on Mathematics Education)

IMPoME 2011

This research was conducted in second grade in MIN 2 Palembang, a primary school that located in the complex of Islamic school namely MAN 3 Palembang and MTs 2 Palembang. I went to MIN 2 Palembang with my friends, Ridho and Shohib on Tuesday the 13th of September 2011. Actually, we planed to observe in fifth grade but because we were late, we changed to observe in second grade. Ms. RA Mustika Hariyanti, S.Pd. was the teacher that we wanted to observe.

Before we started learning process, we introduced ourselves to student. After that, Ms. Mustika managed the teaching learning process and we helped her to guide student. She showed numbered table to the student and put it on the board (figure 1).

 figure 1.  Numbered Table

She explained how to answer the table. She asked to the student about number below 100 and she tried to connect it with the table. She divided student into several groups but because the tables and chairs difficult to move, she decided to use big group (figure 2).

figure 2.  Student in group

She asked to students who want to fill the blank part in the table.  Most of them raised hand and she pointed one of them. Students were enthusiastic to move forward and tried to answer the table. Some student wanted to answer again although they already did it (figure 3).


figure 3. student answer the table

Students who kept passive were motivated by her to try answering the table. If there is wrong answer, teacher offered to the students who wanted to revise it.

            After the blank part in the table finish answered by student, she gave worksheet to every student. The worksheet consist the numbered table and question. Every student worked by themselves but after they finished they could help to the other students (figure 4).


figure 4. student help each other

Most of them felt difficult to answer the ordering number. Students were given some number and they should arrange that number from the smallest to the biggest. They did not understand what was the bigger between two numbers and other numbers.  So we tried to guide them and gave them some clue to answer it (figure 5).


figure 5 teacher guide student

When we thought they already knew the pattern, we leave them to answer it. Some of the best answer from student put in the wall and teacher gave it star and comment.  After student finished answering the worksheet, teacher closed the teaching learning process.

            We discussed with Ms. Mustika in the library after the learning process ended. We shared each other and gave some advice to the next meeting. We thought that some of the students who finished answering question very quickly should be observed. If we know how to answer question quickly based on the student, we can increase the understanding among them. That is important!!!