Mathematics is abstract subject. Most of the study in math cannot be generated with language even though every subject need language to communicate. A research that conducted by Denfield L. Henry,  Nocolae Nistor,  Beate Baltes explained that English proficiency can predict mathematics score. It means that if student have good English proficiency then they should have good math score too based on the research.

When I give lecture in university, I explain a lot of mathematics concept with English. My student fill so uncozy. Some student shout “math is abstract and now became more abstract”. Otherwise some student fill excited and enthusiastic to involve in lecture. They give respond in English when some of statement explained. Student who have eager to English language based on the data have good result or achievement in math.

When student understand the result of research about connecting English proficiency and math score they maybe fill comfort to speak English thought the vocabulary and tenses still novice. Student should try and keep trying to use English in every moment their academic circumference.

So, with this article l hope student can understand the meaning and the importance of studying English in order to increase their mathematics competencies. (MoL)