Study in USA said that fresh graduate college move to central or industrial city. Most of them choose it because the benefit to get the job in easy way. They can get job beside the major study while applying proper job related with their subject. When that occasion happen, it has symbiosis mutuality between fresh graduate, industry and government. Fresh graduate can get the job easily, industry can select appropriate new recruitment/labor and government can get tax or demand in investor.

In line with that, Indonesia, education fresh graduate tend to imitate the cycles. Most of them work in capital or central city. They can give private course, work in warnet or sell something to get salary while they apply their vacancy in school or educations institutions. They think that live in city is more easy and prestige. When they come home it has stereotype in society that graduate student is jobless.

With that condition it can increase gap between city and sub rural area. Educated youth live in city and uneducated youth live in village. It can be predict what is the effect of that thing. The city became more growth and the village otherwise.

Education system should take responsible to reduce and minimize the effect. In State of Higher Education Department there is program to separate young education fresh graduate. SM3T abbreviation of Sarjana Mengajar di daerah Terluar, Perdepat, Tertinggal has been launched. They teach in dry area of education. East Nusa Tenggara, Small Island and others. Their objectives are to separate education in every area in indonesia so it can increase the change for newborn of generation. (MoL)